Who is LSM University? We’re an education and software company based in Huntersville, NC that creates training programs and software for Domino's franchisees and team members. We’ve been in business since 2018. Our company is owned by Ryan Swanson.

Why are you charging us? This is either a charge for LSM University the training program or a pin/plaque that was ordered.

Shipping and Refunds/Returns? An email will be sent to the email provided when your order was placed. If you haven't received an email within 3 days of your order please email ryan@highpeformancelsm.com asking for a shipping update. Tracking information will be emailed. LSM University has a 14 day full refund policy. Email ryan@highperformanceLSM.com to make a refund request. Plaque orders are not refundable as they are 100% custom. If your plaque was damaged during shipping please send an email to ryan@highperformancelsm.com. 

Doesn’t ring a bell? If the product names above don't ring a bell, it's possible your business partner or significant other purchased one of our products. We've found that 95% of the time the confusion arises from someone else at a company signing up for the product.

Can we get an invoice for the charges? Every time we bill you we send an invoice to the email address you (or your co-worker) provided when you/they signed up. If you need a receipt we can always send you one. Simply email support@LSM-University.com.

Can we get a refund? This program has a unique refund policy. You can always email support@LSM-University.com to inquire about the refund policy for the program you purchased.

Any further questions? You can submit a support request and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. Please email to ryan@highperformancelsm.com
Hope this page helped identify the charge, and as always, keep crushing it!
-Ryan Swanson

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Why is there a charge on my card?
It’s a charge for the online course/training program
LSM University or A Purchase of a Pin or Award Plaque From HighPerformanceLSM.com
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Shipping & Returns Policy
All products shipped are final and returns are not accepted. Customers will be sent an email notification confirming the order details and a follow-up email will be sent within 1-3 day of order date with tracking information of the shipped item. If there is an issue with the item (ex. damaged or loss) a refund or replacement item will be shipped. Please email ryan@highperformancelsm.com for shipping inquires. 
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